``the human body is not designed to deal with our modern day chemical environment``

Why choose us

We Care

We are committed to providing our loyal online community a selection of products that can help you and your family reduce the amount of chemicals that you are exposed to everyday. You can be sure that we personally use and provide our Funk-Off products to our closets friends, family and neighbours.  We care deeply about the health of our family, we want to live a long, vibrant healthy lifestyle. We know for sure that reducing your exposure to chemicals is one way to stack the odds in all our favour!

We Make products for people like US

We produce products that we need to buy and our family and friends need to use on a daily basis. Would you recommend something questionable to your children, sibling, best friend or Mom to use, if you knew it didn’t work or worse, could possibly cause harm? NO CHANCE! This gives our online community a great sense relief and peace of mind knowing that the products we brand as Funk-Off products will always be derived from natural botanical sources that are proven to be effective.

We are a Family business

We are a small business that is dedicated to staying that way! One of the sentences in our mission statement that proudly hangs on our office wall reads “ Our company will show our commitment to our loyal online community by using our constructive imagination to see how much we can give to our family, friends and community members for a dollar, while the main stream mass market manufactures focus on how little they can give in order to maximize there bottom line. “  Staying focused on our online community allows us to use our KNOWLEDGE, CREATIVITY AND EXPERIENCE to great advantage. This advantage will keep our quality high, our costs inline and ultimately provide great value for our supporters.

We Give to Charity

We pledge to give a portion of our profits to charity. As a small family company, we have NO board of directors, NO majority shareholders, NO money hungry partners to tell us what to do! Our two young boys have started a wonderful charitable organization that is making a great impact on the youth of the world and with the support of our loyal online community, we can all help develop tomorrows great young leaders of change. We encourage you to visit their CHARITY page.

From our Fans

I've been using Funk-Off™ daily and I really like it!

I am impressed with how effective it is, and I love that it is made from natural ingredients.

Our industry has sorely needed a product to deal with this unpleasant side effect of many piercings.

Thanks Funk-Off™!

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