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``If you have knowledge, Let other's light their candles in it``

Dave Buckle

CEO and Creative Director
Julie Fredin Design

Julie Fredin

Graphic Designer
“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

Sarah Buckle

Director of Operations
Beck's Printing Service

Ian Beck

``Every person is a genius, you just have to embrace it``

Liam Buckle

Director of Charity
The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Paul Buckle

Industry Specialist
``It feels good to help other people.``

Brady Buckle

Director of Charity
Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other.

The Puppy

Senior Creative Liason

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FunkOffFunk-Off Inc. is a boutique manufacturing company that is dedicated to serving it’s loyal online community of customers with high quality, naturally derrived products. By selling directly to you online, we are able to trim our distribution costs and use that advantage to develope formulas and products with the very best raw materials available and bring them to market at everyday prices. Funk-Off Inc. will demonstrate it’s commitment to the online community by using our constructive imagination to show how much we can give to our family, friends and neighbours for a dollar, while the main stream mass market manufactures only focus on how little they can give in order to maximize there bottom line. We don’t spend any money advertising, marketing gimmicks or radio ads, all of that hoopla just adds up and to increased costs to our community customers.

We rely on word of mouth, or person to person engagement to build our Funk-Off community. We know that our company can sustain a community of 10,000 members with out having to compromise our commitment to small batches and focused production runs. This small approach to business is counter intuitive to most businesses but our goal is provide “more for less”. By keeping our company small we can ensure our quality standard is high and by developing a loyal online community of customers we can continue develop the products that we all want to buy but just can’t find. We make products for people like us, people that care about the health and wellness of our family, friends and neighbours. If you like what we do, PASS IT ON Sincerely, The Team

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