Piercing Deodorant

FUNK-OFF Piercing Deodorantâ„¢

is an ALL NATURAL product that is made from plant fats and botanical oils. The combination of theses ingredients will neutralize the odor that is commonly associated with body piercing and stretched earlobes.





is long lasting and extremely effective.


FUNK-OFF Piercing Deodorantâ„¢

is packaged in the perfect size to fit in your back pack, purse or carry in your pocket.


FUNK-OFF Piercing Deodorantâ„¢

is 100% guaranteed to work, we have a perfect track record of
satisfied customers!

Did you know OVER EXPOSURE to harsh chemicals is linked
to illness?

Many factors play a part in whether you get sick from contact with chemicals, including:

  • The kind of chemical you are exposed to
  • How much of the chemical you are in contact with
  • How long the contact lasted
  • How often you are exposed
  • How it entered your body
  • Your over all health


You come into contact with chemicals every day

Harmful chemicals enter your body from exposure to vapour and contact on your skin. Over exposure to these chemicals can have a negative effect on how your bodies Respiratory, Renal, Cardiovascular, Reproductive, Nervous, Immune and Hepatic systems operate.