Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser


Funk-Off hand wash is an extremely gentle antimicrobial skin cleanser that kills bacteria without drying out your skin. Our Hypo-allergenic skin cleanser is formulated with natural emollients and chamomile that soothes and relieves dry skin. This product is ideal for any setting where frequent hand washing is required.

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Product Description

Funk-Off hand wash removes micro organisms from the skin to help prevent the transfer of bacteria. Our product is effective against a broad range gram positive and gram negative bacteria, including Staph and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Our hand soap is latex compatible for professionals that use latex gloves for protection in their chosen field. This product is enriched with Chamomile extracts which leave your skin feeling smooth and soft, even with repeated hand washing. Professionals that wash their hands many times a day during patient or client turn over will appreciate the mild formula. The soap lathers quickly, lifting and suspending transient bacteria, than rinses freely to eliminate the chance of possible source irritation



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