I've been using Funk-Off™ daily and I really like it! I am impressed with how effective it is, and I love that it is made from natural ingredients. Our industry has sorely needed a product to deal with this unpleasant side effect of many piercings. Thanks Funk-Off™!
I am loving it. And my hunny loves it too. He doesn’t have piercings but appreciates the lack of funkiness.

Caitlin McDiarmid

Took the Funk-Off™ Challenge, my septum has felt and smelt fresher than any time in its 2 year life!

Adam P.

From Australia
I've had my septum stretched to a 0g for a couple years now and I haven't been able to smell anything but extreme gunk literally blocking my nose. I couldn't even taste things properly but within the first day of using Funk-Off™ you know how awesome it works. It completely takes away any funky gunk smell and makes your piercing feel relaxed and I don't have to gag every time I breathe!

Kyle Palmer

I've had stretched ear lobes for almost 10 years. For obvious reasons not everyone likes to talk about the odor that goes hand in hand with ear stretching. When I first heard of Funk-Off™ I was skeptical but after trying it for just one day I was amazed at the results. I expected a powerful deodorant-like smell but I was surprised to discover Funk-Off™ simply neutralized the smell.

Lucas D.

Great product, it has a really nice texture and isn't greasy at all. The smell is nice, light and clean. Not overpowering or girly so its totally unisex. It did what it was supposed to and I will continue to use it as well as recommend it to friends!

Sasha Perrin

OMG you have excellent customer service!!!! Looking forward to being a continuing customer....And I'll let you in on something....the reason I was so interested in your product was not because my Dad has piercings or anything but he actually almost died a year and half ago...and with being in the hospital in a coma pretty much.... he was in a hospital bed for 4 weeks and got what they call a bedsore which is what people get when they aren't moved around enough...80% of people die just from that let alone the reason they're in the hospital...but anyways, it's taking its sweet ass time healing and it is now the size of a pin hole but it has this really gross smell that makes him very self consious and he's used everything you can think of...so when i saw your speel on Dragons' Den ..... i thought hey maybe that'll work to cover up the smell..and it has ...hes been using the first batch you sent me for a few days now and he even said the site of the sore doesn't hurt as much..so I'm thinkin the anti whatevers in it might be doing something good as well. So thank you very much!!!! Awesome product!!

Mel M.

From Beaumont, Alberta